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Katheryne's fees:


New patients

(90 mins) £75


Follow up sessions

(45-60 mins) £55



New patients

(90 mins) £60.00


Follow up sessions

(45-60 mins) £45


Cosmetic Acupuncture - please ask Reception for details




Mon 2.30pm onwards

Katheryne Kavanagh, Acupuncture


Having previously studied Herbal Medicine, phytotherapy, Katheryne had questions concerning the nature of disease remaining. Why do individuals get ill? Why do some recover more easily than others? Why is recovery not possible for some?


With these and other similar questions she attended an interview at the International College of Oriental Medicine, ICOM, in 1992, and commenced their full time course in oriental medicine.


Graduating in 1995, Katheryne began working in private practice in Kent and East Sussex until moving to Gloucestershire. Following a road traffic accident she returned to the University of Surrey to study Facilitation in Disability Equality Education, while having some time for recovery.


She has never specialised, though due to personal experience she has developed an understanding of the many and varied results of whiplash injuries, various migraine conditions, and neck injuries.


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